PRISLEA – ATOS is ROMANIAN CHAMPION at almost 2 years old!

4 dogshows, 4 international judges! CONSTANTA 21, 22 june 2014! 2 CAC + 2 CACIB – CHAMPIONSHIP + CRUFT`S QUALIFICATION + ROMANIAN OPEN!
At almost 2 years old my sweet golden swan, U ENDLESS LOVE ME OF WOLF POINT “ATOS” is ROMANIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION and ROMANIAN CHAMPION! Thank you, Petru MunteanGusti Ionescu, Sergio Pizzarno, Karl Reisinger to apreciate my incredible golden swan! In 4 dogshows “ATOS” won: 4 CAC, 2 CACIB, 4 BOB and is ROMANIAN CHAMPION! Thank you, Alina Bunescu and Emil Bunescu to be the best owners for our charming golden swan!

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